Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Iron Chest Master rounds out my workouts and keeps my abs tight and chest strong in my home gym #ironchestmaster

I have been working out for years now on my own, at the gym and squeezing it into my travel time. I love finding new tools to keep my regimen fresh...it is a good way to surprise those muscles as my friend Denise likes to say. I recently had the opportunity to try a tool that is compact but effectively works multiple muscle groups. It is the brainchild of fitness master Ron Williams.  You can read more about Ron Williams and his fitness history on his website.  

The reality is you have to put in the time to get lean, tight and fit plus eat a clean diet. If you want a leaner, stronger, more muscular chest this is definitely a tool that can help you out. If you want a strong core with more defined abs this can also help. It can be used in a bunch of different ways and Ron demonstrates them in a simple, easy to understand way. The Iron Chest Master Fitness System is a great piece to add to your home workout or fitness room. When using the Iron Chest Master you actually go through the full range of motion. Picture the movement of a bird in flight and that is what you are doing. Think about it....the largest and leanest muscle group is your chest. The Iron Chest Master has duplicated this motion so you can rapidly develop a bigger, stronger, leaner and more defined chest. The Iron Chest Master is designed with two positive movements pressing and contracting. Ron shows you exactly how to begin the movement with your hands set and stable in a bio-mechanically correct position. He demonstrates how to effectively complete the exercises while protecting the shoulder from injury. This is a great tool to rehab the shoulder and maximize and grow the chest, shoulder, and triceps. The second movement applies lateral resistance with six iron contraction resistance bands to sculpt, shape, and define the chest. I totally feel a huge difference versus regular push ups. There is no comparison, this is like night and day with a better range of motion and more movement.

One of the unique features of the Iron Chest MasterTM is that the resistance is applied from two directions. The intensity can be increased or decreased individually or simultaneously. The pushing movement builds strength, volume and size. You can feel the chest is fully contracted and at its maximum capacity using this vector or movement. While this is happening, you will then force the arms and hands together towards the center of the machine. This movement helps to shape, define, and sculpt the chest versus standard pushups and you can actually feel it. The combination of these two movements will give you an unparalleled chest workout. The company shared that the Iron Chest Master has been scientifically proven to have 58% more peak muscle activation versus the bench press. By combining the pressing and contracting movement with resistance you will burn fat from your chest and upper body. All this will contribute to gaining the best body of your life.

This is a great piece of equipment to spice up your workouts and better hit your chest and abs quickly. I love it and even my husband was wowed by the difference. You feel it quickly. You can pick up the Iron Chest Master on Amazon for easy shopping anytime. 

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