Saturday, May 3, 2014

Last Letter is one of the newest and most fun ThinkFun games ever

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

We are a big gaming type of family and I don't mean all those electronic games. Don't get me wrong....I let my child have some computer time but we have always been big on fun board games and intellectual games. My hubby and I always enjoyed them as kids and we started playing with her when she was a tiny tot. I truly credit her early reading to all the board games and learning games we have played since she was a baby.

I think my mom was the first one to discover the great games from ThinkFun a few years ago. She picked up a few of the ThinkFun travel sized games and the little one was hooked. Birthdays and other special occasions were a reason to buy a new ThinkFun game. Many of them including this new one are excellent games to play in the car or even to tote with you on the airplane. We have quite a collection and haven't been disappointed yet so I was excited to hear that they have a new fun game out called Last Letter ™. 
Last Letter ™ is a fun game designed for ages 8 to adult.  It is perfect for two or more players.  You can purchase it for about $12.99. This is a unique letter seek game with a twist that will make you laugh, groan and sigh loudly (especially when your child comes up with the answer faster than you!  It is very easy to learn and lots of fun. Each player is dealt 5 cards.  One card is placed into the center upside down.  The starting player calls out a word from one the objects found on the center card. Each player has to search the pictures on their own 5 cards to find a word that begins with the last letter of the card that was called out. The player that finds the card with the last letter has to show the others the object on their card.  In the next round, all the players have to race to be the first to find a card with an object that starts with last letter of the second word and so on. The first player to get rid of all his cards wins the game.

We found it really forced us to concentrate and really get to work those vocabulary words too.  I found myself getting faster as we played more. It was satisfying to see all of our reflexes improve as we played over the past few days.  As we learned the games we got stricter with our rules to try to get everyone to stretch their imaginations so we didn't allow repeats of simple words like "red" or "ear." You can be as relaxed or as strict as you like...its a game so make it for your family.

Last night my little one had some of her friends over and they were laughing hysterically as they played round after round of Last Letter. I was impressed to see one of the children (who was actually younger than 8) really step up to the plate with some challenging vocabulary words too. The kids were encouraging each other and really had fun with it. All of the kids went home saying they were going to ask their parents to buy it for them.  

Last Letter is a fun game for friends and family. This is a great ice breaker game for any party too. Everyone will be laughing as they blurt out words shown by colorful, illustrated cards.  You have to remember that your word must start with the last letter of the word previously called out.  Last Letter is a fun brain trainer games that encourages creativity as you think, think think about the images on the cards to find words that work faster than the other players.  You will be surprised how much quicker your brain starts to work when you exercise it with this fun game.

We really liked the fast pace and fun combined with the educational element in Last Letter. I would definitely recommend this as a birthday present or a special gift for any child or even as a hostess gift.

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